Unit 6 第二讲 Doing housework 做家务- 牛津少儿英语五年级上教案

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  Unit 6 Doing housework






  1. 能正确的听、说、读、写单词及短语:ring,Maths,help…with…。


  2. 能听得懂、会说、会读日常交际用语和句型:Are you free now?/How about…?/Can you come and help…with…?/See you this afternoon.


  3. 能正确地运用所学句型进行交际对话。


  4. 在听、做、说、唱、玩、演中培养学生的学习兴趣和运用英语进行交际的能力。


  Focal points: 能正确的运用所学句型进行交际对话。


  Difficult points:


  1. 句型Can you come and help…with…?的灵活运用。


  2. 能正确地运用所学句型进行交际对话。


  Teaching aids:多媒体课件、电话、单词卡片




  Step 1 preparation


  1. Greetings. 2. Sing an English song:We can sing and dance.


  Step 2 Revision


  1. Play the game: Act and guess.


  2. The students do and say together.


  3. Sum up the main points of the V.ing structure.


  Step 3 Presentation and drill


  1. Teaching of the sentence:How about…?


  The way: 1)T:Boys and girls,I like PE.Do you like PE? Ss:Yes.


  T:Can you swim? Ss:(Do the action)


  T:What are you doing?How about Yao Ming? (Present the picture of Yao Ming)


  2) Drll: How about…?


  2. Present the picture and talk about the picture,teach the phrase and the word:at home,homework,do one's homework.


  3. The teacher talk with the students:How many courses of homework do you do every day?Teach:Maths.


  4. Use the CAI to present a picture which means:A boy is doing his Maths,but he can't do it.Teach the phrase:help…with…


  5. Drill:The using of the phrase:help …with…(Make phrases)


  6. Practise:The sentence pattern:Can you come and help… with …?(Use some pictures)


  7. Teaching of the sentence pattern:Is that…?


  The way: 1)T:I can't do my homework,I'd like to ask S1 for help.(Call S1)


  Teach the sentence pattern:Is that…? 2)The students call each other.


  8. Teaching of the word:ring


  The way :1)Make the telephone ring.Teach the word:ring


  2)Drill:Add two words:wing,king(The students try to read or spell them according to the pronunciation rules.)


  Step 4 Practise


  1. Get the students look at the picture and talk about the picture.


  2. Listen to the tape recorder


  3. Do the exercise:True or False in pairs.


  4. Check the answer.


  5. The students read after the tape recorder.


  6. The students read in roles.


  Step 5 Consolidation


  1. The teacher act out a dialogue with a student as a model.


  2. The students make out the dialogues in pairs.


  3. The students act out their dialogues.


  Step 6 Summarization


  Sum up the main points of the lesson


  Step 7 Homework


  1. Try to make a call with your friends or your teachers.


  2. Read the text and the new words after the tape.

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